Nature's secret for babies

The first 3 years are crucial period for the baby's development. It is recommended to choose the best nutrition for them. Biostime Organic Milk Formula, certified organic by the European Union, contains high-quality organic milk source from Normandy, France.
Fresh milk is collected and sent to Isigny Sainte-Mere (ISM), a well-established dairy manufacturer for processing. Extracting the natural and precious nutrients with leading science, Biostime nurtures babies' development with high-quality and unlocks their potentials.

Unleash Babies' Talents with Baby Nutrition Science
and Quality Organic Milk

Trusted by Juliette Binoche,
French leading award-winning actress

Among all roles she plays, Juliette Binoche believes the role of mother is the most important one in life. Striving for perfect quality, Juliette insists to give her baby the most reliable protection, love and care he needs to grow up healthily.
Sourced from Normandy organic farm in France, Biostime Organic Milk Formula extracts the nature's secret for babies. No wonder this is the brand trusted by Juliette Binoche.

From Normandy, French Organic Farms

Known for high-quality dairy products, Normandy of France is the certified AOP* dairy area of European Union. Biostime carefully selects best organic milk from Normandy, France.

Fertile soil along the seashore

In Normandy, there is full of apple trees and blossoms are in full bloom during the summer. Situated along the west coast of Europe, dairy cows can always enjoy the sea breeze while relaxing on pastures.

High quality cattle grazing

Freely grazing cattle are fed with fresh organic grass every day. The water they drink meets European Union's quality standard.

Well care

Dairy cows are given a unique identification number. Quality control officers keep track on their health carefully.

* Appellation d'Origine Protegee (Protected Designation of Origin)

Inheriting a century of wisdom in dairies

After collecting milk from Normandy organic farms, farmers will send to Isigny Sainte-Mere (ISM), a century-old dairy enterprise which received the prestigious "Manufacturing Excellence Award" from the French government, for processing. Working closely together with ISM, Biostime always aims to maintain best quality milk with a stringent quality assurance procedure.

Product development with leading science

Unleash babies' talents with baby nutrition science and quality organic milk
The persistence in quality of ISM and Biostime leading to the recognition of Biostime Organic Milk Formula, which is awarded the EU organic certification.

Combine probiotics and prebiotics to support intestinal health
With selected Bifidobacterium infantis and prebiotics GOS, it helps the development of gut flora, soften stools and supports babies' gut health and immunity.

Natural SN-2 PLUS for easy absorption
Preserving fat in milk provides non-synthetic natural SN-2 PLUS that helps babies easily absorb calcium and fat which are indispensable to their development

Product range

World Health Organization recommends mothers to exclusively breastfeed babies in their first six months. Thereafter, it is advised to continue breastfeeding up to the age of two or beyond while introducing complementary foods. If you have any question about feeding your baby, you are advised to consult a pediatrician or a registered dietitian.

Biostime organic infant formula
stage 1 (0-6 month)

Biostime organic follow-up formula
stage 2 (6-12 month)

Biostime organic follow-up formula stage 2
(6-12 month)

Certified EU organic Natural SN-2 PLUS
Combination of probiotics and prebiotics DHA and ARA

Biostime organic growing-up formula
stage 3 (10-36 month)

Biostime organic growing-up formula stage 3
(10-36 month)

Certified EU organic Natural SN-2 PLUS
Combination of probiotics and prebiotics DHA and ARA

Nature's secret for babies

From Normandy, French Organic Farms